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Embracing Growth Through Teaching and Learning

Updated: Jan 8


When was the last time you made time to go outside to run and play? Lately, my intern and occasional mentor, Fanta, has become one of my accountability partners in ensuring I do just that. In the midst of this playful camaraderie, I have found a deep sense of purpose in teaching and sharing my experiences and knowledge. As I continue to explore the art of storytelling through photography, this journey not only enriches the lives of talented youth in my community but also propels me into the uncharted territories of my own untapped potential.

Fanta, with her quick learning abilities and anticipation of the next lesson, has been a remarkable companion on journey. Recently, I invited her to join me in The Shine Portrait Studio, in Newark, NJ, to introduce her to the intricate world of strobe lighting. Her calm temperament and curious eyes filled the studio space as I demonstrated how to set up the lights and adjust camera settings. Guiding her through the process, I witnessed the spark of excitement in her eyes after capturing her first shot—a feeling I am all too familiar with.

In the process of teaching, I am further learning the art of intentional communication. Each lesson not only enhances Fanta's skills but also deepens my understanding of my own craft. It's a symbiotic relationship where knowledge flows freely, nurturing both teacher and student alike.

The joy that lit up Fanta's eyes after capturing her first shot was contagious. It reminded me of the profound impact sharing knowledge can have, not just on others but also on ourselves. Through teaching, I am reminded of the importance of exploring uncharted territories within ourselves, pushing boundaries, and unlocking the depths of our potential.

As I continue this journey of mentorship and self-discovery, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude. Grateful for the opportunity to inspire and be inspired, to learn and teach, and to uncover the boundless possibilities that lie within each of us.

So, I ask you again: When was the last time you made time to go outside to run and play? Perhaps it's not just a question about physical activity but a gentle reminder to explore, learn, and embrace the endless adventures that life and self-discovery have to offer.

Here's to embracing growth, learning from one another, and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary moments of life.

With creative curiosity,


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