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Fanta and the Hall of Honors: The Tale of a Brick City Graduate

In a land not so far away, nestled in a bustling town known for its grand celebrations and lively parades, stood the majestic Central High Castle. This castle was not like any other, for it was a place where young minds were nurtured, and dreams took flight. The castle grounds were buzzing with excitement on this particular day, as the kingdom gathered to celebrate the graduation of its scholars.


The sun blazed down, casting a warm glow over the gathering, where guardians, relatives, and mentors eagerly awaited outside the castle gates. It was nearly 95 degrees, but the heat did little to dampen the spirits of those assembled. The air was thick with anticipation, as the last few names of graduates were being called from within the castle walls.

Mothers searched the crowd for their daughters, their eyes filled with pride and love. Among them was a young woman named Fanta, who had just completed her journey through the hallowed halls of Central High Castle. As she made her way through the throng, she hugged her friends tightly, sharing in the joy of their accomplishments and offering heartfelt congratulations.

Fanta exchanged smiles and thank you's with her teachers and mentors, those wise figures who had guided her through the trials and triumphs of her education. She waved and called out to her family, who stood eagerly awaiting to embrace her as if she were reborn. The women who had shared in her mother’s journey of unsaid sacrifice stood proudly beside Fanta and her family, capturing memories that would forever be cherished.

Big brothers stepped forward, their chests puffed out with pride, ready to fill their enchanted devices with the day's memories. And amidst all this, a figure stood a bit off to the side, taking it all in with a smile. This figure was none other than the kingdom's photographer, who had the privilege of mentoring Fanta in the art of capturing the world through a lens.

The photographer, holding back tears of appreciation, felt honored to be a part of this significant milestone in Fanta's life. She had seen her grow from a curious apprentice to a skilled artist, and today, as she stood tall among her peers, he couldn't help but feel a sense of pride.

As the sun began to set, casting a golden hue over the castle grounds, Fanta and her family gathered for a final photograph. With the castle towering majestically behind them, they smiled brightly, their faces glowing with happiness. The photographer captured this moment, knowing that it would be one of many cherished memories.

In the days that followed, Fanta continued her journey, her heart filled with the knowledge and experiences she had gained at Central High Castle. She carried with her the love and support of her family, the guidance of her mentors, and the friendship of her peers. And as she ventured into the world beyond the castle walls, she did so with confidence, ready to capture the beauty of life through her lens.

The Beginning.

Story By: Malaika A. Muindi

Inspired by: Fanta Kourouma and Family

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